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There are a few different ways you can experience Belief-Shifting. Each offers a unique way of allowing healing, and whether you choose one or two–or all of them–you will leave with a new perspective and a sense of peace.


library-425730_1920Belief-Shifting Workshops exist to demystify the Belief-Shifting experience. If you are new to Belief-Shifting and interested in finding out more about the process, or if you have already experienced its healing properties and want to know the steps that brought about such clarity to your life, our two day workshops offer you a chance to satisfy your curiosity. Each workshop focuses on one topic area, such as guilt or grief, and the way that it works in our minds and acts as a type of distorting lens. Workshops are a fun and fascinating two days where we dive into what Belief-Shifting is, how it works and culminate with participants having a chance to experience a Belief-Shift for themselves.

Our workshops are constantly evolving, but they always begin with breaking down Belief-Shifting into its core concepts. Believe it or not, there are steps to this process and they are the main focus of the first day of each workshop. The mechanics of Belief-Shifting are spelled out and explained, and the who, what, where and why questions are all answered.

On the second day, we intersperse into small groups and do activities that solidify your understanding. These activities present great opportunities for truly connecting with practitioners and other participants. And, of course, having a Belief-Shift on the second day makes our workshops a place where you have a chance to release damaging perceptions that have been preventing you from living a life of peace and understanding.