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Private Sessions

There are a few different ways you can experience Belief-Shifting. Each offers a unique way of allowing healing, and whether you choose one or two–or all of them–you will leave with a new perspective and a sense of peace.

Private Sessions

teddy-1361396_1920Your private session with a Belief-Shifting practitioner begins with settling into a comfortable, quiet place. Your practitioner explains the steps that he or she will take during the session and, after answering any questions you may have, your Belief-Shifting begins.

One of the more surprising aspects of Belief-Shifting is how simple the process is when you are under the expert guidance of a Belief-Shifting practitioner. You are not expected to possess a mind well practiced in meditation or have a full psychological understanding of your issues. Belief-Shifting doesn’t require you to work through your problems in what we often think of as the traditional way. You simply show up, allow your practitioner to guide you, and when the false beliefs are ultimately revealed, you will be surprised at how simple it can be to let them go.

Your session lasts about an hour. Your practitioner will spend the necessary time to complete your Belief-Shift. Fees are charged by the session, not by the hour. If it takes a little longer to complete your Belief-Shift, you will be charged the quoted session fee.

Pricing varies among practitioners based on their level of expertise and experience with Belief-Shifting. Please contact your selected practitioner to get their pricing.

Financial hardship discounts are available. Please ask your selected practitioner about their policies if you are in need of some financial assistance.

To get more information or schedule a session, please contact your selected practitioner from the Practitioners page.