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When I came to Stephanie I was feeling a lot of fear, guilt and resentment that was impacting all areas of my life and relationships. The mental and emotional pain was all consuming. I felt defeated and frustrated because I did have a committed spiritual practice and felt like I had all the tools I needed and I still wasn’t at peace. Stephanie’s process was completely amazing in that it gave me a totally new perspective on being in the world and through her Belief-Shifting work I was able to release the blocks that were keeping me in these difficult emotions really easily. I was able to see my life through a totally different lens. I could see how the same limitations I was experiencing in my life were coming into my spiritual practice and actually continuing the pain. I always looked forward to our sessions because it was guaranteed awakening, and relief. I totally RECOMMEND Stephanie and her work!

Macy Matarazzo- Big Happy LOVE coach.


What an amazing experience.  Through my sessions with Kristin, I’ve come to realize and hold different perspectives – letting go of unproductive beliefs.
In our time together, Kristin created a safe place to experience emotions, and encouraged me to explore the alternatives to committed opinions or beliefs that I had felt protected me or served some purpose, but were in fact unnecessary and limiting. I feel incredibly unburdened and empowered, with greater awareness to identify and re-examine more of my core beliefs.

M.S., Golden, CO


Being an ongoing client of Belief-Shifting with Bobbie Wilson has been a unique and powerful experience.
I have a long history of pushing down, repressing thoughts of anger, resentment, and guilt. Belief-Shifting has greatly helped me to recognize that to push down negative thoughts will never serve me.  I have been gently guided by Bobbie to allow whatever I’m feeling or thinking, to be fully in the moment, to experience these negative energies fully and to not divert from them.
I continue to experience an ever widening awareness of these old patterns. With Belief-Shifting, I have developed effective tools to heal these old patterns and a willingness to release my limiting perceptions. I’m so grateful that working with Bobbie Wilson and her guidance with Belief-Shifting has fundamentally changed my life.

Penelope B.

Reverend Jan

Today I came with a horrible feeling of being overwhelmed by all the work I have on my plate with the idea I had to complete it or I would be struck with guilt and unworthiness if I didn’t commit. I had no patience; I was angry and ready to explode if Stephanie was to ask one more question.
Then the magic came, Stephanie sat in the silence, held space and very quietly and lovingly asked me “What happens if you (I) don’t know?” She gave it space and asked, “What are you feeling right now?” My response was, “I had let go of any thought of needing (feeling the drive) to get the “list” done. I felt quiet and relaxed. It was gone.” I realized it was that guilt part of me that drives me to get er done was gone and I had the choice to be in the center of the Peace or go with the fear.
Stephanie has a gift/knowing that everyone should experience!
I still have my peace and getting some things done.

Rev Jan Malone


My experience with Belief-Shifting: Until meeting Stephanie via the phone, I had no idea what Belief-Shifting was. It was the experience that changed my life.
Prior to my “Stephanie” experience, I was stuck in the dis-functional thinking patterns (and beliefs) of my parents and society. Even as rebellious as I was to those behaviors, I was living them. My life had become the definition of insanity, which is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results.
Thru the grace of God and a convoluted string of “chance encounters,” I found Stephanie. I knew instinctively that I had been led to the door of healing. Although it took a lot of personal work (and agony) I have become a different person….a much happier and peaceful person, with a deep love for Holy Spirit and the teacher He placed on my path to healing. I am able to ask for Divine Guidance and hear it….most of the time. Being Human can sometimes get in the way. I’m still a work in process, however grateful that the process is in motion. Faith, happiness and contentment DO live.

Gail Meltzer, Realtor


I have met with Stephanie in a weekend course and 2 personal sessions. In the course she helped me realize how the guilt I thought I was working with was really about shame that I was holding onto. As we worked together she helped me understand in a very short time how shame was limiting my core belief in myself as worthy.
I have found that I try to change myself within almost every relationship to be loveable and accepted. My current husband and I have had the dynamic of me trying to change so he won’t judge me. He distances himself with judgment, but I true to form, kept trying to meet his needs to be accepted.
The unfortunate thing is acceptance couldn’t be sustained. After the first course and work with Stephanie, I felt relief knowing that the shame I have accepted from my childhood was the reason I accepted judgment from others. I told my husband that night “that I had had a shift! And that I wasn’t going to accept needing to change myself to get his love and acceptance.” I really felt this to be a new truth for me. Our marriage has changed due to my change.
With a couple of sessions I have realized that the shame I accepted does need to be released a bit more, but the awareness and acceptance changed my world.
Thank you Stephanie.

Nora M. Boulder County


I initially began working with Stephanie to address what had been a lifelong dance with anxiety.  It would come and go, and be triggered by any number of things–some minor and some major.  Years of conventional therapy had me examining each individual anxiety-provoking event, looking at why anxiety wasn’t warranted in that given situation.
But my sessions with Stephanie were different.  She gently and safely encouraged me to be present with the anxiety until it no longer generated its typical visceral reaction. Following our sessions, I found myself viewing the world differently in some sense. That knee-jerk anxiety response that used to arise with great regularity now quite often seems like just an odd little story I’m telling myself, one with no real “there there”.
I still get anxious from time to time, but far far less frequently, and typically far less severely.  Stephanie’s had a tremendous positive impact on my life, and one that continues to develop as we explore more aspects of my belief system that don’t seem to be serving me well.

Marc, retired real estate and finance professional


I was dealing with a very stressful teaching job. I not only felt exhausted by the job, but I had a lot of anxiety about what my students thought of me. The Belief-Shifting therapy which Stephanie led really helped me to calm down about the anxiety I felt. I learned to accept myself, no matter how I was performing in the job or how difficult the students were.
During the sessions she led, I got rid of the belief that I was ineffective as a teacher, simply because the students were hard to discipline. By letting go of a lot of the anger or frustration I felt toward them, I gradually reached a much calmer state. Although I initially thought I loved the children I was teaching, it was the challenge of trying to reach every single one that made me feel frustrated. Stephanie taught me to release the guilt I was creating in my mind that they weren’t learning or that they didn’t like my personality. It turns out, it was my anxiety that was creating those false beliefs.
By working with Stephanie for about 4 months, I gained much more self-confidence and a greater sense of calm about my role as a teacher. She also helped me truly accept myself more and feel happier, regardless of what external circumstances challenge me. I am still a teacher to this day, and I feel more valuable than ever. So I highly recommend working with Stephanie, especially to overcome anxiety and stress.
Right now I’m teaching High School Chinese and French. It’s going well! Thank you for the best therapy ever!!

Abbi Kaplan, Teacher


I started working with Stephanie 11 years ago. When I first started I had been in therapy for 17 years and on anti-depressants for 15 years. I was in a very emotionally abusive marriage. I grew up with a violent, alcoholic, pedophile stepfather. I suffered from prolonged bouts of depression and often felt suicidal. I struggled to do the most basic self-care. The work I did with my previous therapists helped to keep me alive but not to really move out of the pain from my childhood.
Belief-Shifting has helped me to make deep changes within myself that have moved me out of the pain of my childhood. I have not taken anti-depressants in ten years, I have been divorced for many years. I have my own business and I am actively planning the growth of my business. Previously I would not have had the confidence to even consider calling myself a business or investing the money to make my business grow.
Stephanie’s dedication to helping me work through my issues has been amazing and her ability to find ways to help me move through incredibly difficult situations has transformed my life.

Jeana Alldrege, Child Care Provider


I was referred to Stephanie Padilla in my quest to better understand how our energy bodies are interrelated to our life experience, both positive and negative, and had spent over four years practicing meditation, mindfulness and some tai chi prior to meeting Stephanie. I’m a successful business man and have owned my own company for over 22 years that makes high risk/high return investments into early stage companies and recently began to chart what caused some deals to make money and others to fail and recognized that a lot had to do with my own energy and psychology and how they related to those I chose to go into business with. Additionally, I have been fine tuning myself on a personal level and wanted to work with someone that understands both psychology and energy therapy since they are wholly interrelated. Stephanie has far surpassed my expectations on so many levels that I find it hard to share in writing. She’s helped me grow as a person and as a businessman and I will forever be indebted and will continue referring my closest friends and associates to her.

Nick, Business Owner


I first started seeing Stephanie for healing related to beliefs I held about my place in this world – feeling unsafe to be authentic and be “seen” – I had been trying to hide out emotionally and psychically. It was causing me a lot of pain – emotional pain – which in turn was manifesting physically as well – I wasn’t sleeping, and anxiety was constant. Stephanie helped me go inside, into the place where I was holding onto this particular belief and she helped me to understand that the belief was not actually keeping me “safe” and she helped me find the path to let it go.
There was a “whoosh” – really, that’s how it felt – as the belief broke apart. I cried as it broke open and shattered. How free I felt! It was a HUGE relief! Within a couple of days, I had an “opportunity” to test out whether that crazy belief was really gone – an experience that just a week prior would have been terrifying, really – and yet during this “opportunity” I was able to remember what was TRUE (and the old belief did not show up) and I was able to stay connected to LIFE and to my higher wisdom and was able to come through that experience with no fear, no anxiety, no stress. I was SAFE! I was truly free from that old fear-based belief that I could not safely be “seen” in the world.

Leslie, Grants Program Coordinator


Words can’t completely capture my experience with Stephanie. Over the years, I have become aware of my many blocks in my life, but I have learned to just accept them as part of who I am. Since we began working together, many of these blocks became a part of my past. Within weeks, I began to notice all sorts of changes, challenges that I have come to accept in my life…faded, as real ease to my days at work and at home, and oddly people I had not worked with for years were calling. We all have work to do and I feel very blessed to have Stephanie.

Kurt Breitenstein, Acupuncturist


I won’t go into detail about how I got into the emotional and spiritual hole I was in when I met Stephanie. That would take way too much time and space. I was as low as any time in my life. A perfect storm of professional, marriage and parenting losses.
As I have come to understand, that was the perfect time for me to meet Stephanie. Ta-da!
She was, as always, compassionate and patient, but she immediately stopped me from making excuses, blaming, rationalizing and rewriting the truth. That’s step one in Belief-Shifting. First milestone: she made me realize that I had been doing all of those things my entire life and that self-misperception was not only my primary problem, it had actually caused all of what was happening “to” me through misperceptions.
We had weekly sessions for a couple of years. I was always anxious for our sessions. Couldn’t wait to be around her energy. She kept stripping away my misperceptions, particularly the thought that I could fix all of my problems by myself. She helped me build a ladder to use to climb out of my hole. I always took her energy with me into the outside world. I was increasingly able to stand up straighter on my own. None of the issues I had been facing went away or even lessened for that matter. Things were tough for another couple of years. But what Stephanie taught me ws how to deal with the external forces, how to avoid attracting those negative energies, how to go to my inner source to get through, and how to let go.
Another major milestone was when she introduced me to “The Human Experience” concept. I won’t fill this page with that explanation. You’ll have to talk to her about it. The closest definition I have is what my mother used to call, “Let go and let God.” But this view of the Universe helps me get through every day, helps me deal with all other humans, helps me attract the human experience I want, and be open to everything that happens in life.
All of that was a couple of years ago. My life is totally turned 180°. I started seeing Stephanie again recently just to try to find “True North” again…this time from a much more positive base. She immediately popped all of my newly conceived balloons. She was right about every one. One significant new direction is that my misperceptions were actually causing what had been diagnosed as arthritis. Some hands-on therapy plus a Belief-Shift practice and the pain is almost totally gone. Amazing.
I wish I had met Stephanie when I was 20. She’s frown at me for saying that. You meet Stephanie when you’re ready. That simple. Are you ready?

Tom Schwing, Solutions Development Manager