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Don’t Be a Victim of Hate, Be the Light

written by Stephanie Padilla November 16, 2016

teddy-1361396_1920To my friends who have been a target of hate or feel that they are about to be a one. My heart is hurting for you. It is a hurt that I am willing to bear, because it is what is necessary for it to remain open and be what is needed in these uncertain times. So from this place, from my heart, I would like to share some things with you.

You do not deserve this. There is nothing you have done or said or that you are that deserves to be hated. It is not your fault and there is nothing wrong with you. As anyone knows who has ever been the target of anger and hate, it is very hard to remember that you are not to blame when hate and anger are literally telling you that you should go away, that you have little or no value or that you should not exist. But you need to remember it and you need people around you to remind you.

What those who fear you and hate you have to say about you, is a lie. And you will know it is a lie by how loudly and powerfully the liar has to tell it. The truth does not have to proclaim itself because it is true. So it is so very important for you to hold on to the truth in face of this terrible and obnoxious lie.

And in case you are lost in lies. Let me share your truth with you. A truth my heart sees. You are not the thing that is hated. You are not a Mexican or a Muslim or a Black. You are not a Lesbian/Gay or a Transgendered or a Woman. You are not anything that can be reduced down and categorized. This is an aspect of your experience but, you are so much more than that!

You are Life itself. You exist because Life wants you to exist. You are an integral part of the radiance and joy of life’s dance. You are exquisite in your beauty. Life and all of us joined in life would be lost without you. You are part of us and part of everything. Life could not be what it is without you.

And no matter how loudly or convincingly others may tell you otherwise, they cannot eradicate the truth. The most they can do is keep it hidden from their own view. But that is why it so important for you to keep it in your view. The only way you lose it is if you doubt it. And strangely, even protecting it and defending it is a way of doubting it. Because what is true needs no protection.

So instead own it. Live it. Be the radiant life that you are. Never doubt your beauty and your worth. Those of us who are not blinded by fear and hate do see it, but that is not enough, you must see it and remember it. So surround yourself with those who would remind you. And when you waiver turn to a higher power (whatever that might be for you) and ask for help to see your beauty, your radiance, your worth, and your Light.

This does not mean, however, that you might not need to take protective action in the world to address those you are blind to what you truly are. That action may be necessary and wise.

My heart is with you.


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