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The Treadmill of Guilt

written by Stephanie Padilla July 21, 2016

Most of us feel guilty sometimes. Some of us feel guilty a lot of the time. We tend to think it is normal to feel guilty. We certainly think it is normal to feel guilty if our guilt appears justified. That is, if you believe you have done something that is wrong. But have you ever noticed that you can feel guilty about things even when you don’t think you did anything wrong? Have you ever wondered why that is?

It’s because of how guilt really works in the mind. Guilt is not the result of an inherent internal morality system that keeps us in line as human beings. Rather it is the result of a program in the sub-conscious mind that is an attempt to control behavior. We know this is true because we can feel guilty about just about anything. For example, we can feel guilty about being late to an appointment. Do you believe that being on-time is a moral absolute? Probably not.

We often do feel guilty about breaking moral laws, but we can feel guilty about many other things that have nothing to do with morality. Therefore, it should be easy to see that feeling guilt is not necessarily about morality, it is actually about control.

The purpose of guilt is to control behavior. It is an incessant demand from the sub-conscious mind to always behave in a particular way. Guilt is a vicious task master that has no compassion and gives no second chances. If you obey its commands, you can avoid the crushing pain of feeling guilty. But you must be ready to perform and do what it asks at all times. Additionally, you will always be in fear that you will fail to meet its unyielding expectations!

Once a guilt belief is programmed into the sub-conscious mind, it is relentless. You are on a treadmill with no way off. You carry this demanding voice with you, at all times, wherever you go. People attempt many things to try not to hear it or mask its never-ending taunting. People use distractions such television, music, video games, etc. People try to mollify the torment and the fear by using alcohol and drugs. Some people try very hard to always do as this internal task master demands, being constantly stressed, exhausted and burning out.

But there is another solution. You could simply let go of the guilt in your mind. However, this is often easier said than done. The reason this is true is that you chose to have this guilt voice in your mind because you believed that you needed it to help you. You thought its guidance would make you be good or keep you motivated. You thought it would protect you and keep you safe. And now, you are afraid to let it go, because you don’t know what might happen if it weren’t there.

I promise you, nothing will happen. You don’t need that voice. It is not keeping you safe or even helping you be good. If you behave in kind, generous, loving and thoughtful ways, you do that because of love, not because of guilt. That guilt voice is simply torturing you and has no value to you.

Even if you already believe that what I just said and want to give up that guilt voice, you may still have difficulty in letting it go. That is because even if you consciously see that you do not need the guilt, the sub-conscious part of you that is holding your guilt belief is unwilling to let go. If this is true for you, you may need some support. A Belief-Shifting practitioner can help.

A Belief-Shifting practitioner knows how to help you see the true source of your guilt and how it has been operating in your experience. A practitioner can help you let go of guilt at the deepest levels of your sub-conscious mind.

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